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The Best Spa Treatments

Anyone who has visited a chilly winter clime for the holidays or a ski trip, or worse, who must suffer through freezing winds all winter long, knows what the cold weather can do to your skin. Without the heat and humidity of summer on your side, you epidermis could soon become a labyrinth of fine cracks punctuated by patches of itchy, dry, rough, and flaky skin and even rawness, redness, chapping and overall irritation or inflammation. And without treatment, this uncomfortable condition could even lead to severe and painful cracking. But there’s no need to let it get this far. When winter lays its first blanket of frost it’s time to break out the ultra-lux lotion. Or better yet, head to your local spa for a day of pampering and rehydration that will leave your parched hide dewy, supple, and soothed. Here are just a few treatments that may fit the bill.

There are basically two steps you’ll need to take when it comes to treating your dry, cracked, winter skin: exfoliate and hydrate. But you need to keep in mind that although the process is the same for both your face and your body, the same treatments cannot be applied to each of these areas. The delicate skin on your face requires a much lighter touch and products that are specially formulated to help you avoid breakouts that body treatments might cause. So you may want to start your day at the spa with a hydrating facial designed to slough off flaky, dry patches, address areas of redness, and boost your hydration so that your sebum production goes down a notch. The classic facial should do the trick, but most spas also offer anti-redness and extra hydration treatments. All you really have to do is outline your symptoms and they should be able to recommend the best option for your skin.

As for your body, there are a slew of treatments that can help to soothe your beleaguered skin. You might want to start with a sea salt scrub, a treatment that pairs chunky granules of exfoliating salt with soothing oils to slough off scaly, dead skin and treat rough patches while letting hydrating emollients soak into your thirsty epidermis. Followed by a hot towel wrap that opens pores to let the oils sink in even deeper, this treatment will leave your skin smooth and soft. However, you might want to go the extra mile to ensure your skin is well and truly healed.

You’ll probably want to skip a dip in mineral spring waters or a mud bath, both of which may pull impurities from your body but actually leave your skin dryer than before. Ditto on the body wraps, which are designed to pull toxins from the skin and force your body to expel water weight. Instead, opt for an aloe or oil treatment, if they are offered, or even a soothing massage, which will help to inundate your skin with soothing oils. And for hands and feet, which often get the most wear and tear during winter weather, opt for an ultra-hydrating paraffin mani and pedi. This oily wax is unparalleled when it comes to locking moisture into your skin.

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